Emperor Maximilian I in the Tiroler Oberland


Opening of exhibition on August 3, 2019

Several associations around the Schützenwesen - Schützenkompanie Landeck, Schützenbezirk Landeck, Oberinntaler Schützenregiment, Bund der Tiroler Schützenkompanien - and the District's Association of Museums organize an exhibition at Castle Landeck with the title „Emperor Maximilian I in the Tiroler Oberland.“

With this exhibition, the travels of Maximilian at the "upper road", the medieval trade road along the Via Claudia Augusta over the Reschen and Fern Pass and his stays in the Tiroler Oberland and in the Außerfern should be shown.

The intention is to create a cross-border exhibition with stages from the Wormser Joch (Umbrail) over Glurns and the Reschen Pass, Naudersberg, Finstermünz and Pfunds to Landeck, Imst and over Fernstein, Ehrenberg until Füssen.

Dates: The exhibition will be opened with a ceremony on Saturday, August 3 at 7pm, and the exhibition is open from Sunday, August 4 to Sunday, September 22, 2019 daily from 10am - 5pm.

Venue: Bezirksmuseum auf Schloss Landeck

Website: https://www.schlosslandeck.at/




Gerhard Gstraunthaler

Bezirksmuseumsverein Landeck:

Christian Rudig, Obmann



Franz Geiger