Emperor Maximilian Prize for Services to Europe at the Regional and Local Level 2019


In 1997, on the occasion of the 85th birthday of Dr Alois Lugger (†), long-time Mayor of Innsbruck and President of the Tyrolean State Parliament, the authorities of the Tyrol and the City of Innsbruck established the Emperor Maximilian Prize – European Prize for Regional and Local Politics in recognition of Dr Lugger's services to Europe. In the context of the preparations for the 2019 Emperor Maximilian Commemorative Year, the authorities of the Tyrol and the City of Innsbruck have given the Emperor Maximilian Prize a new orientation.

The prize is awarded in recognition of outstanding projects performed by individuals, institutions or organisations that generate added value for Europe at the regional and/or municipal level. Applicants must be reliable and in a position to carry out and complete the project submitted.Particular consideration will be given to projects that make a special contribution to European harmony, European integration, and peaceful coexistence and cohesion in Europe. The project must have relevance at the local and regional levels and have potential for establishing best practices for application in other municipalities and regions.

Projects should have a high public profile so as strengthen the European idea amongst citizens. They must not be aimed at generating a profit or any non-cash benefit and must not contravene any legal provisions or general principles of European law.The projects submitted should have an innovative focus, employ new approaches or organisational methods and include an assessment of the effects or expected effects of the project objectives and resulting further developments. Great importance is attached in this context to the diverse aspects of European integration. Critical criteria include the effectiveness of the project, sustainability and creativity, and a focus on motivating other target groups to engage independently with Europe.

The Emperor Maximilian Prize is awarded every two years. The award comprises a certificate, a medal (1509 Emperor Maximilian I medallion) and a cash prize worth €10,000 as a financial contribution to the winning project.

In 2019 the award ceremony for the Emperor Maximilian Prize will be held on 8 May.

Projects may only be submitted online using the Emperor Maximilian Prize website at www.emperormaximilianprize.at. Submissions can only be made from 1st of September to 15th of November 2018 and must be in English, French or German.