Maximilian I, Knight Waldauf & Hall

01/10/2019 - 27/10/2019

Exhibition in the Stadtmuseum Hall

The Year of Maximilian is the right occasion to exhibit some excellent pieces of the town museum, the town archive and the parish of Hall in Tirol. These exhibits mainly come from the legacy of Florian Knight of Waldauf zu Waldenstein.

After his service in the court chambers of Duke Sigismund, Waldauf entered the service of the young king Maximilian and become his close associate. He donated the chapel "Waldauf-Kapelle" and its art historical important interior to the parish of Hall. Waldauf had made a vow to do so during a distress at sea that occurred during his companionship of Maximilian. In 1501 and in a spectacular procession, he had his exclusive collection of relics transferred to the chapel.

Because of his personal closeness to Maximilian but also to the city of Hall, Waldauf is an important link between both of them. Through this link, the relationship between King Maximilian and the city of Hall as well as the importance of political networks and the role of religion on the eve of the reformation can be explained.

Place: Stadtmuseum Hall, Burg Hasegg (Entrance opposite Münze Hall), 6060 Hall in Tirol
Duration: Friday 29/03/19 - Sunday 27/10/19
Opening hours: Friday 2pm-5pm; Saturday and Sunday 10am-5pm

Vernissage: Thursday, 28/03/2019, 6pm



Stadtmuseum Hall, Mag. Sonja Fabian
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Marx Reichlich, Florian Waldauf as the donator with St George and St Florian, around 1504/05
Wing of the Waldauf altar for the chapel at the parish church Hall in Tirol
Hall in Tirol, Stadtmuseum (loan of the foundation Knight Waldauf)

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