Supporters of the commemorative year

The state of Tyrol

Emperor Maximilian had a significant influence on the Tyrol and until today he is present in the minds of the inhabitants, in particular, through his historical monuments. The Tyrol was for him a refuge and a retreat, like a "warming coat" as he named it. The Year of Maximilian 2019 shows the appreciation for Emperor Maximilian's "Gedechtnus" (remembrance).

The city of Innsbruck

Emperor Maximilian is the most important personage in the history of Innsbruck. Given its location in the center of Europe, Innsbruck was the home base for the government in the entire country and presumably also Maximilian’s favorite city. The famous oriel, the Golden Roof, the Zeughaus and the tomb in the Hofkirche are long-lasting emblems of his ties to Innsbruck.

Innsbruck Tourism

Emperor Maximilian I was one of the most popular Habsburgs and his thumb print can be found throughout Innsbruck - especially "his" Golden Roof attracts tourists from all over the world. In the Year of Maximilian, Innsbruck Tourism offers an original and multimedia journey through time that will thrill both guests and locals.

Tirol Werbung

Connected. Strong. Courageous. Willful. Authentic. - The harmony of these contrasts is combined in the brand „Tirol“. Enthusiastic ambassadors carry the brand "Tirol" into the world - far­ ­beyond ­its­ borders.
They increase­ the­ desire­ for and the popularity of the Tyrol. ­They convey the Alpine sense of life because they live and feel it themselves. And so did Emperor Maximilian I, who can be regarded as an early ambassador of the Tyrol, a "Tyrolean at heart", so to speak, thanks to his special link with the Tyrol and his activities in the land of the mountains. Tirol Werbung seizes the commemorative year for Maximilian in 2019 to communicatively enrich the brand with stories around the "Tyrolean Emperor".